Kurubuzla Eğleniyorum ve Öğreniyorum / I have fun and learn with dry ice

Hi, I am Burcu. I am from İstanbul, TURKEY.

I am a Science Teacher at Ali Kuscu Secondary School in Sultanbeyli. I have an activity in STEM DISCOVERY WEEK 2019, which I want to share with you. The name of the activity is “I have fun and learn with dry ice”, in Turkish name “Kurubuzla Eğleniyorum ve Öğreniyorum.” In this activity our goal is to make students feel themselves as a scientist besides learning about science and lab rules. Also, students have a chance to learn and explore sublimation not only in theoretical but also in practice. 160 students who are from 5th grade engaged in this activity. These students participated in as a group around each 20. They wore lab coats and lab glasses so they felt like a scientist and they had high motivation to achieve this activity.

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