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Science Chemistry Biology teacher in Scientific High School. Ambassodor Scientix, Go Lab trainer, ILS and ASOC tutor. Monitoring expert. Olimp STEM Sard.Nord. ANISN Teacher, the science events Responsable. Liceo Scientifico PLS Università di Sassari. Tutor Erasmus Plus. Clil Teacher.

The #EUvsVirus hackathon, adrenaline for the mind

Author: Costantina Cossu

Accidentally, I discovered a weekend-long European competition, which aimed to find solutions to live together peacefully during the Coronavirus outbreak. The hackathon was sought to be an exciting challenge for a group of people. The hackathon “EU vs Virus challenge” was organized by Mariya Gabriel, the European Commissioner in collaboration with the Member States of the European Union. The main goal was to connect civil society with innovators, partners and investors from all over Europe at the end of innovative ideas in response to the challenges posed by the Coronavirus. The hackathon took place in the period of 24 – 26 April 2020.

Participants, who were connected online, came up with technically, politically and socially useful solutions to overcome the Coronavirus crisis. The discussions were held around five topics: health and life, business continuity, social and political cohesion, work and distance education, digital finance and more.

I worked on Distance Work and Education, together with other interdisciplinay teachers of the “Trottola Team” team of Itay and Poland and an Italian Design. All members contributed to the discussions during the Hackathon. Our team used the skills and cooperated to develop solutions that could help all EU citizens to overcome the crisis, particularly in the field of education.

We were a team of 7 but there was no limit in terms of the number of participants. We thought of European citizens confined to their homes and students working from home, families and teachers. With these perspectives, remote working must be tackled in a better, controllable and impactful way. For this reason, we produced new e-learning methods and tools.

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