About cristinaiuliaanghel

I am physics teacher at ''Tudor Vianu'' High School in Giurgiu, Romania, and Scientix Ambassador. I am intersted in offering my students acces to modern tools and resources which might boost their interest for the STEM study.

Start discovering Arduino!

The activity was attended by 31 students aged 15-17 for four weeks, from 07.03.2022 to 04.03.2022.

To carry out the activity, we leveraged the Scientix Repository resource “Coding in STEM Education”: SMB – Science Magic Box.

The purpose of the activity was to train students in robotics and programming activities, by using the Arduino microcontroller and some sensors, for them to realize that some daily activities can be improved using different programmable devices, which they can build on their own.

In the first part of the activity, we presented the Arduino programming board and the other components needed to carry out a project (breadboard, sensors), using the resources documentation.

In order to get acquainted, they made a simple build in order to light one or more LEDs.

Then we did a brainstorming session to find out what devices would be built with the available sensors (temperature sensor, humidity sensor, servomotor)

We chose to use the servomotor to control the robotic hand and to make a plant watering device.

The students formed teams, in which they had a well-defined role (writing the code, making the assembly). The activities were also attended by students with experience in programming, which was useful for beginner students.

Materials used: arduino boards, breadboard, connecting wires, sensor for measuring soil moisture, servomotor.

The information in the Scientix Repository resource was useful to us, but we adapted our montages according to the available parts.

In the end, the proposed projects have been completed and are operational.

What the students learned:

  • How to program for a built-in hardware environment (based on Arduino)
  • How to write a code with sequential instructions, loops, branches and to configure sensors.
  • That collaboration is important, and that teamwork contributes to faster progress.
  • And that STEM activities make the connection to the knowledge acquired in the school curriculum.


SMS ”Students meet Satellites”

20 students (17 girls) aged 17 took part in these activities for three weeks, from 26.03 2019 to 16.04.2019.

The purpose of the activity was to increase the knowledge about electromagnetic waves through practical applications. A good opportunity to discover how satellites work, what information they receive and transmit to Earth, in what way they transmit this information.
As a source of inspiration, we not only a Scientix resource (http://www.scientix.eu/resources/details?resourceId=21835), but also resources and tools available on the ESA website (https://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Observing_the_Earth)

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