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Cristina Nicolăiță is a Physics & IT teacher in Gh. Magheru School Caracal, in the south of Romania. eTwinning&Scientix ambassador in Romania, a teacher trainer for Physics and an Erasmus plus projects coordinator, MIEExpert and Leading teacher for Europe Code Week.

Teaching Science during Pandemic

Author: Cristina Nicolaita

For every teacher, the Coronavirus lockdown came with a big challenge, which for me was Teaching Science during school closure. We had to reshape our teaching style, taking into consideration our students’ needs during these days. The current situation of not being able to meet each other in our classes is a huge change. Our educational ministry has sent us a “letter of recommendation”. However, it was mostly up to every teacher’s creativity, skills and motivation to guide our students that are learning online. Sharing experiences with other colleagues helped a lot, like here, on the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign. This is why I would like to tell you about my experience, as a Physics and IT teacher.

Teaching Science online

My first concern was my students’ online security and how to make sure everyone in the online class feels comfortable. It is also important for everybody to understand the teaching material keeping their own individual pace. Being the eTwinning ambassador for a long time, I have already known the answer: eTwinning platform. With its great functionalities, it allows us to share resources, communicate and collaborate in a safe environment. It became a solution for my 6th – 8th grade students learning physics. Together with my colleague Marusia Gabriela Cobel, on 4 April 2020, we co-founded “The virtual class of Physics”.

About our virtual class

eTwinning virtual class of Physics
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