The life cycle of a plant

The life cycle of a plant is an activity focused on STEM learning. It was integrated in the national curriculum and the students of the preparatory class (6 years old) participated. The children investigated, observed, noted and weere responsible for their work.

During the math and environmental exploration class, the students watched a video about the parts of the plant and their functions. Through a game on wordwall, The students proven that they understood the informations that they saw. Next, they assembled the component parts of a plant and colorated them. Afterwards, they watched another video where they noticed how a plant is born from a seed.

Further, students plant seeds in two ways: in pot with soil, in a cotton bag. Both will benefit from light, heat, water. They will take care of the seedlings for 3 weeks and will see how a new plant will grow by comparing the two variants. The observations should be written in a plant log. In the end, conclusions will be expressed, opinions on those observed.