How will people and animals be affected if water resources are reduced?

Our water resources face a host of serious threats, all of which are caused primarily by human activity. They include sedimentation, pollution, climate change, deforestation, landscape changes, and urban growth. One of the most serious threats to water resources is the degradation of ecosystems, which often takes place through changes to landscapes such as the clearance of forests, the conversion of natural landscapes to farmland, the growth of cities, the building of roads, and surface mining. Each type of change to a landscape will have its own specific impact, usually directly on natural ecosystems and directly or indirectly on water resources.

What will be the negative effects of thirst on humans?

Thirst Affects Your Heart and Muscles In hypovolemic shock, the heart cannot pump enough blood into the body, which can cause kidney and brain damage, gangrene of the arms and legs, heart attack, damage to other organs, and even death.

How do you think we can develop a solution to this problem?

Using water consciously. educating people about water on water use and imposing bans if necessary.

What are the precautions?

Although it is difficult to integrate the intricacies of ecosystems into traditional assessment and management processes a holistic ecosystem approach to water management is strongly recommended.

Are you ready to live using 30 liters of water for a day?

Water is vital to us.
Maybe tomorrow we won’t find the water we’ve wasted today.
We’re conducting an experiment to understand how valuable water is.
How do we live using 30lt water for a day?
As we do our daily work ,we will learn how much water we use by living.

Water in the future?

In the age we live in, factors such as population growth,
climate change, land use change and poor around the
world lead to rapid changes in access to water

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