About eaksoti

Science teacher, Acı schools



STEM studies contribute to the learning process of students by bringing together the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It is ensured that our students look at a problem experienced in daily life from an interdisciplinary perspective, acquire relevant information and gain skills in the process of generating solutions.

In our distance education process, we have completed our STEM project by following our booklet named “Spaghetti Tower” with our 6th grade students in relation to our “force” topic.

Identifying the Problem:

With the video we watched as the first step in our STEM project process, we realized the effects of force in real life. With the questions we direct to our students, it is ensured that they think about the problems experienced in daily life, they approach the problems from a different perspective and we try to make them feel that they need to learn more about the subject.


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