About ebasir

Hello, I am Emine BARIŞ.Scientix member. I follow the work. I received Basic and Advanced STEM education. I am a pre-school teacher. I have been working in Rize for 17 years. I have been doing STEM projects on the etwinning platform for 2 years. I follow different and innovative works in professional sense.

We’re here for EVERY STORY ONE STEAM Stem Discovery week

Our project

Teachers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, Slovakia and Croatia came up with 5 rules, discovering the Power of Water, Earthquake Resistant to Design Houses. Parıltı designs a new generation recycle bin. Glitz Helps Bees. We created the stories through joint product studies with students. According to the Problem situation determined in the story with our Project Partners, our Joint 4 Plans include the main theme of Sustainability and Citizenship in the best way. We implemented our plans with pleasure.

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