About edaeksioglu

I'm a Math teacher at Erdemli Borsa Istanbul Science High School in Mersin /Turkey. I'm teaching Math-Geometry-Geogebra with Mathematics-Art and Mathematics.


Our CAD-Math Project includes visuals and design of the mathematical dimensions of computer aided drawings and graphics. It is a rich visual project where our project partners can express themselves comfortably and communicate in a democratic learning ,environment where they can explore the depths of the CAD-MATH world with Stem studies.

It is a project where students can see different representations (numerical, symbolic, geometric / graphic, etc.) of mathematical concepts, processes and situations.

In addition to these, it is a project where they can develop positive approaches. In fact, activities involving cooperation and solidarity predominate.


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Ma-Stem Events: What do people need to know to live on Mars?

Author: Eda Ekşioğlu

The AstroStem eTwinning project is a project designed to raise students’ awareness with accurate information about astronomy and Space Sciences. Students will explore the depths of the universe through their work by having fun in democratic learning environments where they can express themselves freely. Astronomers will learn the history of astronomy, constellations and mythological stories and will try to understand the universe. We have performed many activities as a team within the scope of the project. One of these activities, “MaStem”, includes the criteria for the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign, which we planed as part of the STEM activities.

At this event, “We tried to explain how a team planning to travel to Mars managed this process. As a team, we discussed our duties with our team and explored what we could do.

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