Using GoLab Platform to Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE)

The most radioactivity – an Inquiry Learning Scenario (ILS)

This activity has the main objective of developing skills related to learning by investigation. Some of these skills are hypothesis elaboration and data analysis obtained from experiments carried out using a remote laboratory. In this Inquiry Learning Scenario, students need to think about how the variables time, distance and absorbers influence the measures of radiation. To carry out this activity the students used GoLab platform ( All the learning scenario is organized in an ILS (O mais radioativo – The most radioactivity) in GoLab platform (

Inquiry-based learning: an approach to develop problem-solving skills

Inquiry-based learning is an educational strategy in which students follow methods and practices similar to those of professional scientists. It is a process based on an approach to solving problems. It involves the application of several problem-solving skills like formulating hypotheses and testing them by conducting experiments and/or making observations.

Inquiry-based learning aspires to engage students in an authentic scientific discovery process. From a pedagogical perspective, the complex scientific process is divided into smaller units that guide students for scientific thinking. These individual units are called inquiry phases, and their set of connections forms an inquiry cycle.

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