I’m Emine YILDIRIM, a preschool teacher. I implemented the eTwinning project called Valuable steam with my students.

Our project is aimed at enriching the thoughts of preschool students in the classroom environment, developing their interdisciplinary skills, and helping our students gain 21st century skills. The plans prepared according to the 5E education model aimed for students to learn by doing and experiencing. With the storybooks we chose with our project, we wanted to add our values to children’s lives as well as Stemin. It is important to bring science and technology literacy to students in order to train future scientists and engineers who will contribute to the development of the country, and to produce technological innovations based on science. We aimed to take the first steps.

Our project has been a project that integrates STEM and values ​​education with qualified children’s books. By holding online meetings with our project partners, we determined our values ​​and qualified children’s books that we will use in our plans.

About every value and quality children’s book by division of work with our partners;

The story of Lorin the Star Repairman and the value of Charity,
About Sanctuary (STEAM STORIES) and Friendship value,
About Giraffe Keeping Guide and Animal Love value,
We created a STEAM plan that focuses on the value of Different but Same and Respect for Differences.
While we were creating our plans, we planned a game with a web2.0 tool that our children can play in accordance with each of our plans. In this process, our children were introduced to space4d, wardwall and cram web2.0 tools.

After implementing our plans, we aimed to create a unity by using the web2.0 tools we determined jointly while making our collage and video arrangements. For collages in this process; photogrid, inshot, photofunia, pizzap web2.0 tools for videos; We used videoshow,capcut, VN,scoompa web2.0 tools.

We created events with the code we determined during Codeweek week. We introduced our students to coding, and as a result, we were awarded a certificate of excellence.