About enesyasa

I am a science teacher at Kardelen Secondary school in Yalova, Turkey I am also coach of FLL and FLL JR. team. I give course to my students about 3D design and stem activities in STEM club which I founded in my school. I am developing various projects for the efficient, effective and efficient use of technology in education. I'm interested in populer science and permaculture. I am sensitive to environmental problems.

Let’s make a satellite to put it into earth’s orbit.

I would like to write about the activity I performed by using a Scientix resource for the “STEM Discovery Week 2019” on 25th April 2019.

I asked questions to my students to evaluate what they know about engineering.

I have shown satellite photos and created a discussion about satellites.

I tried to find out which tools are available on the satellites, what they do, what tasks the satellites perform.

Then I asked them to design a satellite to observe how the amount of forests changed from year by year.

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Don’t Stop, Imagine, Discover, Produce

We had a meeting with the teachers at our school for the STEM Discovery Week event one month before the event and we discussed what we can do at the event. We used the resources to determine the activities we will do. When determining STEM activities, we made sure that more students could do it, and that it was simple and inclusive. We supplied construction materials. We marked in the STEM Discovery Week map that we had planned this event in Yalova Kardelen Secondary school garden in Turkey, on Thursday 25 Th April 2019 at 13.00 – 15.30. We made announcements at school through posters and social media.

On the day of the event, we wanted all of the students to go to the school yard. We opened 9 workshops under the leadership of 9 different branches. The workshops took place in tents which we built in the school’s garden.

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