What If One Day The Water Runs Out?

1-How will people and Animals be affected if water resources are reduced?

2-What will be the negative effects of thirst on humans?

3-How do you think we can develop a solution to this problem ?

4-What are the precautions?

As agricultural production declines, people will have a hard time finding food. Biodiversity will be negatively affected. Drought and increased evaporation will adversely affect wetlands, streams, lakes, forests, grasslands and coastal ecosystems. Because of the drought, ecosystems such as lakes, streams and reeds, swamps have completely dried up, invertebrate species such as fish, salamanders and some frog species such as dragonflies and damselflies have completely died out.

Drought can also put at risk the reproduction of some species that migrate to other locations for reasons such as spawning. Drought causes not only aquatic creatures, but mammals and other vertebrate-invertebrate species, especially birds that use wetlands for food and water needs.

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