This study was conducted in an online course environment.

Subject: Numbers and Operations
Ratio and Proportion
12-13 years
1 week

Real World Motivation

Mathematics and real-life are closely related. It is important to see mathematics in life and to be able to transfer mathematical knowledge to daily life. Seesaw is playground equipment in which two people sit on opposite ends of a plank balanced in the middle so that one end goes up as the other goes down. However, it is very difficult for children with a large weight difference to play on the seesaw at the same time. In this study, students will understand the mathematics behind the seesaw and try to find a solution to this problem by developing a movable seesaw.

Goals of the lesson

By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:

  • Understand the link between mathematics and real life
  • Create a movable seesaw by using waste materials
MathematicsUnderstand the inverse proportion of two multiples in real life, find one of two inversely proportional multiplicities when the other is given, formulate and solve the problems related to inverse proportion and make an interpretation about the solution
ScienceUnderstand the idea behind a simple machine will, notice the interdisciplinary link between science and math, create a simple machine on their own, develop a strategy to maintain the balance on seesaw
TechnologySearch for the information about the seesaw on the internet, use technology for learning and assessment
EngineeringUse materials, tools and ingredients in order to produce a certain product in a correct way, develop a strategy for movable seesaw design
21st Century SkillsInformation literacy: in order to make well-founded judgements about balancing, students find, use and evaluate the necessary mathematical knowledge. Creativity: in seesaws, we see in life, the distances of the seats to the equilibrium point are equal and stable. In this study, students will develop an original seesaw model by going beyond the existing one.   Productivity: in order to develop the product, students will create a plan, implement this plan and use time efficiently.
Fostering knowledge in various disciplines and developing the 21st Century skills
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