Sea BRICKS (Bringing Research Into the Classroom: a Key to Sustainability)

Author: Franca Sormani

We are involved in the Erasmus + project BRICKS which aims at the achievement of the goals of Agenda 2030 about sustainability and climate action.

We focused on Global warming and the Ocean and Sea problems (Ocean warming, sea-level rise, water pollution..) The ocean covers 70% of Earth’s surface and plays a starring role in whatever happens with the environment. Sea level is not just a main indicator of climate change (that is, it tells us that climate change is happening); it has also one of the main impacts of climate change. Coastal erosion, coastal flooding and saltwater intrusion in the coastal aquifer are all important impacts.

We did research and experiments on these problems in collaboration with other partner schools from Greece, Portugal and Cyprus (schools involved are all in Mediterranean area, with similar issues related to climate change and considered climate ‘hot spot’ by the report IPCC 2017). From the end of March 2020 until 24 April 2020, we studied in depth the relation between sea-level rise, coastal erosion, inundations and seawater penetration to coastal aquifers.

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