About Funda Talay

I am a Social Studies Teacher in Secondary School. I am a Scientix ambassador.

Nature Based Solutions for the Future of Water


Water is a basic need for all living things. In parallel with global climate changes;

water pollution has created one of the biggest threats to the future. This threat is growing;

the water is running out. Now, the quest for the most efficient use of water resources

top of the agenda.

Real Life Problems:

– What are the causes of water problems?

– What are the Nature Based Solution (NBS) pathways?

– Dirty water cleared?

– How important is water?

We prepared a poster describing the lesson activities with the students.

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Digital citizenship is an important concept with the development of technology and the internet. It is necessary to raise awareness among students on this issue. I prepared a lesson plan at Al Basics For Schools MOOC. I integrated Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Engineering, Game-Based Learning into the Social Sciences course. My students are very interested in technology and computer games. We took the “Minecraft” course online at our school to integrate the games into the curriculum. Artificial intelligence applications and computer games increase the interest in the lesson. It reduces dropping out of school. That’s why it’s important. The subject is “digital citizenship”. We have included computer games (Minecraft) with our IT Teacher to draw attention to the lesson. We used the Minecraft Game to empower and evaluate the issue of digital citizenship.

My target is 6th-grade students. My aim is to raise awareness about the responsibilities of a digital citizen. To acquire 21st-century information literacy, media literacy, ICT literacy skills.

The image is the author’s own –(Attribution CC-BY)
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