About Fatma Varlı

I am a teacher working for the 11th year in his profession. I work as a classroom teacher at Cumhuriyet Primary School in Güngören, Istanbul. I am conducting various studies on stem in our school. Also this year I represent my country as a Scientix ambassador.


Production is one of the most important factors for the future of a society. Societies that support their own production have completed the most important step for development. This learning scenario is also celebrated in December each year in Turkey “domestic goods week” is intended to draw attention to domestic production. It is aimed that students
comprehend what production means and design pots that they can make their own production with recycling.


1- Understands the relationship between production and domestic goods.
2- learn the effects of climate change on our environment
3- Solving the problems they encounter in daily life according to the engineering design stages (STEM)
4- To increase the awareness that some of our wastes in our homes will be recycled.

Pots prepared by students
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