We don’t Throw, We Transform

Resources are used unconsciously due to industrialization and urbanization. Therefore, domestic waste is increasing. The increasing waste problem affects the individual, family and society negatively.
With the eTwinning projects I carried out at my school, we aimed to raise awareness about making our world more livable by controlling waste. We reused various wastes (glass, plastic, paper, food, etc.) generated in our house. We enabled students to gain awareness of recycling and to transfer this awareness to their environment.


  1. To increase the awareness of students about recycling.
  2. Understanding that not every waste is garbage.
  3. To ensure that they are individuals who love and care about nature.
  4. It enables them to find solutions to the problems they encounter in daily life.
  5. Learns to use available resources without wasting.
  6. Gains environmental awareness at a young age.
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