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I am a STEM teacher at a school in northern Romania, in a very beautiful region, Maramures. I love this job and I have always tried to perfect myself throughout my career. I am Scientix Ambassador for Romania , Mentor, Methodist specialist, Educational Counselor and Techer Training. I have a particular interest in using ICT in the classroom and I love to share ideas and resources.

“Physics Virtual Class” on TwinSpace-Learning science online on the eTwinning platform

Author: Gabriela Marusia Cobel

As school lockdown due to COVID-19 is being prolonged in many countries, technology is currently the only means by which we can reach our students out. It’s sadder four those who don’t have access to technology. Therefore, we need to reconsider where, when, and how learning happens and adapt our methodological approach, to create and innovate and get involved with all our dedication.

As a Scientix ambassador and science teacher, I have participated in all the STEM Discovery Campaign Competitions. I have always promoted the initiative in my country involving colleagues and motivating students, publishing articles about useful online tools to support teachers and students. In 2017 we won an award in such contest called “Make your Own Poster”, using the resources from Scientix and Esero.

Scientix, Esero

This year, a year we will always remember, my involvement in this great campaign and in this great movement of education consisted of creating the conditions for students’ learning in the online environment.

Learning, participating, creating online

In order to support the students in continuing their learning, I founded together with my colleague, Cristina Nicolăiță, the eTwinning project – “ Physics Virtual Class”, a project approved by the National eTwinning Center Romania from 16th March 2020. Since then, it has been growing, getting richer, polished, built-up. And finally, we managed to give significant importance to online education, which so far has not been widely promoted in my country.

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