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Science department coordinator at Aci Middle School. Teaching for 23 years. Graduate of Teaching Chemistry. Living in Istanbul.

Science and Technology Week In Online Education

Science and Technology week is a week full of activities that our Science, Mathematics and ICT teachers plan and prepare together with an interdisciplinary approach. It is an organization where we aim to bring together many activities related to science and technology with our students, teachers and parents at different times throughout the week. During the planning and preparation process, all of our students who are interested in STEM areas support the organization of the week by taking responsibility from the beginning to the end of this process. Students who want to take responsibility and student expectations of the week are determined via a mini questionnaire. While planning different activities that will include all members of the school, it is aimed that other disciplines also include concepts and topics related to science and technology throughout the week with an interdisciplinary approach. Due to pandemic this year, we held the science and technology week online.

On Monday, we started the week with an opening ceremony in the morning chat as a whole grade. We opened the week with a video of fun chemistry experiments performed by science teachers at school that cannot be conducted at home, a video on the development of technology and fun Mathematics questions.

In the morning chats throughout the week; we started each new day with morning talks on different topics related to science and technology such as video footage, “Super Moon” presentation, origami, cryptology, artificial intelligence, robotics, home-made student experiments in and videos in which we included our parents.

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Empower girls in STEM: Introduce them to inspiring women in STEM

February 11 is celebrated as International Science Day for women and girls. This special day has been declared by the UN in 2015 to ensure that women and girls participate fully and equally in scientific studies.

It will be effective to strengthen gender equality and encourage girls, especially those who can be role models, to choose more STEM fields. With this thought, we planned a talk to support gender equality in the selection of STEM fields at our school. Since our school was on holiday on February 11, we had an online interview on February 18, when the school was open.

We contacted our female students who graduated from Açı High School and chose STEM fields at the university and invited them for the interview. Among our graduates, there were also those who graduated and joined the business world in addition to those who were still studying at the university. We talked about the content and goal of the talk to our female students who are studying or working in 5 different STEM fields. They gladly accepted our invitation.

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