About George Roungos

Head of Laboratory Center of Physical Sciences, Lesvos - Greece, Scientix ambassador, eTwinning ambassador.

Junior STEM Festival 2019

The “Junior STEM Festival” took place on the ground floor of the Lesvos Chamber on Saturday, March 16, 2019 (Arduino Day 2019) at 11 am and it was a great success as it was attended by many students, parents and teachers.

STEM is an approach to education designed to teach mathematics and science and is vital to a basic understanding of the universe. STEM can be described as a new “post-scientific branch”.

The event was an initiative of the Directorate of Secondary Education in Lesvos and the EKFE Lesvou (Laboratory Center of Natural Sciences), organized by the Association of Greek Physicists and the Environmental Education Center of Evergetoula.

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STEM discovery week 2018: “STEM experiments for little scientists”

The pilot program “STEM Experiments for little Scientists” aims to promote and support co-operation between Primary Education Teachers and Laboratory Centers of Physical Sciences (EKFE) in Secondary Education for the dissemination of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) subjects in the 5th and 6th grade Primary School students.

The program will include visits of primary school pupils and teachers to General High Schools of Secondary Education Workshops in our city. They can attend STEM experiments on various subjects of physical sciences, which will be carried out by the professor in charge and the collaborators of the EKFE.

This training program will introduce experimental teaching to primary school pupils and will develop laboratory skills and competences. They will learn by experience in a pleasant and creative way. Educational programs that are conducted in the lab with children being actively involved is a source of information, but also a source of entertainment and growth.

The experiments in the visits will be mainly drawn from Physics, Chemistry and Biology and will be adapted to the students’ levels. The success of the program will be maximised by preparing and informing students before the visit as well as by evaluating the program by the participating pupils.