Steam is part of the Matchmaking project. We are implementing this learning scenario with 14 teachers from 5 countries. Stories in accordance with the STEM approach were written with the project partners on the issues that reveal the problem situation. Based on these stories, our aim is to develop students’ skills to solve problems they may encounter in daily life. One of the themes determined in our project, where we touch on the environment in our planning, is the ability to generate renewable energy and solutions.

Student Age Group :  3-6 age group

  • To accept the importance of clean energy by focusing on the necessity of electricity and energy
  • Gaining awareness of what renewable energy sources are
  • Focusing on the importance of renewable energy sources not harming our environment
  • Examination and determination of waterwheel samples
  • Design of water wheels
  • Water wheels
  • Expressing ideas
  • Improving interrogation skills

Basic Problem:

Daily Life Problem Status:

1. What do you do when the power goes out?

2. What kind of problem awaits us all if the electricity goes out all over the world?

3.What natural resources can we use for electricity generation in nature?

4. Can we harness the power of water in electricity generation?

The picture is the author’s own- (Attribution CC-BY)
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