Author: Gonca Bahar

As a team, we have been part of the ASTRO-STEM eTwinning Project and we started to search for solutions to the water problem in Mars conditions. We carried out a study within the project, in which 12 mixed country teams are included and different studies will be brought together. The “ASTRO-STEM” project is designed to raise students’ awareness with accurate information about astronomy and space sciences. It aims to explore the depths of the universe with STEM studies by having fun in open learning environments where students can express themselves comfortably.

With this project, students learned about astronomers, history of astronomy, constellations and mythological stories, our galaxy, sky atlas, telescopes, and astronomy diary. An important part of this project is based on the STEM approach. With the STEM approach, students are expected to reach their project goals. For this purpose, participation in “2020 STEM Discovery Campaign” has been encouraged within the scope of “ASTRO-STEM” project.

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THE NATURE IS CALLING US / Global Climate Change

Author: Gonca BAHAR

THE NATURE IS CALLING US is an international eTwinning project. The purpose of our project is to gain awareness of being environmentally conscious and leaving a livable world to new generations. To instil this consciousness to individuals, to raise conscious individuals who are respectful to nature also means to invest in the future.
It is possible to raise environmentally friendly individuals by transferring this awareness to them at the right time and in the right way. For this, collaborative work that will be carried out with activities that bring environmental awareness raise our project to its target.

Our project aims to expand our awareness in different layers of society by developing our students’ awareness of being respectful to the environment and being environmentally conscious. By targeting effective learning in communication with the group by using information technologies, students learnt to interact in a group and also use web 2.0 tools within the scope of these activities. They also improved their foreign language skills.

Our students in this project:
• Became conscious regarding water consumption and gained environmental awareness.
• Using the STEM approach, they gained awareness of the negative effects of global climate change on the world.

The project was held in partnership with schools in Turkey, Albania and Italy. There were 26 schools and teachers in the project with 300 students participating (approximately). In this project, mixed school teams worked as 13 teams in total, in order to draw attention to Global Climate change. Our activities took place betwen 20 – 30 April 2020.

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