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Gamze Savucu is a Scientix Ambassador for Turkey. I am a primary school teacher.I take part in eTwinning projects.I'm a STEM teacher

Self-heating Home

Could it be a self-warming house? Today, natural phenomena are more severe. There’s probably a big change in the world. The earth was colder, warmer and stormy. They’re running out of natural resources. Is it possible to build nature-resistant self-warming houses? It is possible for primary school students to solve the problem by building houses with reusable materials. Learn about the sustainability of life worldwide and offer alternatives. What materials are used in heat-efficient homes?

This plan is the 2nd year of the Turkish Ministry of National Education. Natural events and disasters in the life sciences plan. The importance of recycling. Use resources correctly. Observes weather events and transfers results to the table, understanding geometric shapes and objects in a math class. Literate graphs and tables. He designs in tech class. Cares about group work.I worked with 6-7 year old students.A total of 23 students attended the event.We completed our event on April 22-23.

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