About Gülümser ŞENTÜRK

I am a technology and design teacher. I work in Turkey's Konya province. I do various activities with my middle school 13-14-year-old students both inside and outside the classroom. In my lessons, I practice project-based learning (PBS), inquiry-based learning (IBSE), STEM, and design-oriented thinking. I design projects that offer solutions to daily life problems. I love improving myself and being a learning teacher. I have a Master's degree, and I was elected Scientix Ambassador in 2021. I have CISCO Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Security certificates. I also do twinning projects. My aim is; To raise individuals who know how to code and have 21st-century skills.

Creating Ecological Nature-Based Solutions to Urban Problems

Dates When It Occurred: 03.01.2021- 4.19.2021

Teacher and School: Gülümser Şentürk Akkoyun– Meram Şehit Pilot Ayfer Gök Middle School – Konya / Turkey

Student Age: 13 -14 years

Number Of Students: 16

Teaching Method:

Formal Teacher Lecture, Analogy, Demonstration Method, Lecture, Discussion, Question and Answer, Problem / Problem-Solving, brainstorming.

Teaching Qualifications:

Productive, Respectful to Self Values, Rational, Questioning, Creative, Complying with Ethical Rules, Sensitivity to the Environment, Managing Knowledge, Working Independently, Critical Thinking, Working in Teams.


This lesson plan includes STEM, NBS-PBS models. It is an ecological, renewable, nature friendly urban design for sustainable development. Students made original designs and worked collaboratively. Plan purpose; to create ecological life with renewable energy sources for a livable world. It is about transforming energy and building biomimic structures. Coding, we used 3D Tinkercad and Arduino. We followed the Hybrid Education system with web 2 tools for distance education.

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