About Hatice KIRMACI

I'm a physics teacher in Istanbul. I have been working as a physics teacher for 24 years. Around 15 years , I have involved some international and national projects about STEM. Also , I 'm the founder of " Women Science Teachers " social group . The purpose of the group is to support female teachers and girls in science

“Women Science Teachers ” activities in The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign

Author: Hatice Kirmaci

Women Science Teachers (WST ) is an education group of female science teachers. The main aim of this group is to provide a platform to their members so that they have a chance to show their educational events/activities from their schools and to find appropriate partners to their projects. Everyone around the World who dedicate themselves to education would share their works or opinions in WST’s group on social media. Since 2014, WST is growing and developing day by day …

As a partner organisation, Women Science Teachers(WST) organised some events (Competitions, Activities, Meetings, Projects ) within the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign.

Around 30 teachers + 130 students ( from 15 countries ) participated in these events.


 WST organised 3 competitions during the 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign:

  • The Colour of the Sky
  • My Best Partner is a Teacher!
  • Crazy Scientists at Work!

The Colour of the Sky:

WST organised this contest for female/male teachers during The 2020 STEM Discovery Campaign. The aim of the competition was to draw attention to the importance of science on human beings. Participants took a photo of colours of the sky and wrote a lesson plan/scenario about their works. They combined science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology ) and artistic point of view in the sky.
From 10 countries, 15 teachers participated in this contest. The best 3 works will get 650 Euro, 450 Euro, 250 Euro monetary prizes. The winners will be announced on 19 May 2020 (TAV airports supported us in this contest).

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