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I love learning and teaching. I'm open to innovation. I like to try out. I believe that knowledge will multiply by sharing.


Students can develop innovation, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, communication and cooperation, critical thinking, problem solving skills, 21. They need to be able to use their century skills correctly. During this period, the importance of carrying out activities that will bring awareness to the field of education to the forefront of the interests and skills that they will need for their future has become even more evident. Lesson plans enriched with STEM activities are scenarios that make critical thinking, collaborative work, self-control, peer education, and communication sound.  STEM offers practical, permanent solutions to students ‘ daily life problems. Increases sustainable living skills.

Through STEM activities, our students develop themselves in these areas while increasing their interest and curiosity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. With interdisciplinary, qualified activities, the story method draws attention primarily to the problem of daily life. In this way, they gain a different perspective on the problems of daily life. They improve themselves. They prepare for life with stem.

Aim of the lesson plan: in the mountainous region with recyclable substances, in the face of transport problems or on winter days, snow, ice, etc. it designs an emergency helicopter for school students or citizens who have difficulty accessing health care for reasons that do not have the opportunity. He learns by having fun at Root Discovery Week. Awareness gains.

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