About hd

Havva Düzenli, I am a preschool teacher. Antalya / Turkey I'm working on. I have a master's degree in educational administration. I have been working as a Scientix Ambassador since March 1st.

Eco Picture

We do not think about the damage to our environment. And we consuming it fast. Studies show that nature awareness, environmental protection and recycling education are important in early childhood.

This was the starting point of the Eco Picture events. Planning fun and creative STEAM activities in early childhood using recycled paper, plastic, natural and organic wastes in our environment

Eco Picture with Papers
Papers are the most used and most common recyclable materials for children. It was possible to get to know them closely and to plan events by recycling them first hand. With our students in the classroom. We now cut the papers in accordance with STEAM processes and created our Eco Picture activities.

spring tree
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