About hkucukbas

I'm Havva Küçükbaş. I have been teaching preschool for 12 years. I enjoy practicing science activities in my classroom. Stem work with my students is our greatest passion


“Experimental Pool” e Twinning project in our work as a joint product, 10 Turkish 2 Slovak 1 Croatian partners continue our project with different experiments and scientists. In our project, we work with students aged 4-11.

Finally, we were able to obtain many different colors by using the juice of cabbage for our students. In this experiment , we tried to understand how acidic or basic the different substances are. Do you want to determine whether a substance is acid or base with materials that you can easily find at home? We asked his question and started the experiment.

Experimental Pool Project
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This work is part of the STEM KIDS e Twinning project. We are implementing this learning scenario with 12 teachers from 3 countries. Decisions were taken by holding online meetings, in our planning one of the themes determined in our project, where we touch on global problems, is thirst and the ability to generate solutions.

Student Age Group: 4-7 age group

  • Recognizing the importance of water
  • Using water resources efficiently
  • Identifying and designing water wells
  • Water filtration
  • Being able to express your opinions
  • Developing inquiry skills

Basic problem:
1.How do you solve the water problems of people living in Africa?
2.What do you do to reach clean water?
3.How can you clean the water?

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