About iaydogdu

I am a Chemistry teacher. I love what's new. I teach innovations to my students. I have been involved in eTwinning projects for 3 years.

My Water of Life

Our activity

Title: MY WATER OF LIFE – The Impact of Reduction of Water Resources on the Agriculture Sector

Goal: To study the sustainable ways of water consumption

Investigating water and its sustainable usage in an online classroom

We aimed to draw attention to the correct use of water resources. For this, we first shared our ideas with our partners in a meeting. Partners investigated the impact of the decrease in water resources on the agricultural sector.

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“I Have Health in My Basket” in remote schooling settings – The visuals belong to the Author – Attribution CC-BY

About our activity

Participants: 14 teachers, 105 students and volunteer parents took part in our study. Human health is very valuable for sustainable living.

Topic: Proper nutrition is very important. We decided what to do with a meeting with our partners. Collaborate with students, teachers and families.

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