Every child is a tree, every tree is a forest!

Date Of Activity :21-26 March 2022

Ibrahim Aydin /Kovancilar Haci Ahmet Ozbagi Primary School

I am a primary school 4th grade teacher from Turkey and the age range of my students is 10-11.

In this activity, the importance of forests in worldly life, humanity’s need for green will be taught, and children will be encouraged to plant trees.

Erosion, flood and forest fires have increased in our country in recent years. The efforts of the state and voluntary organizations are insufficient. Conservation and reproduction of trees should be one of the most important lesson topics. Unfortunately, humanity is very insensitive to this issue. As teachers, we need to take more responsibility and involve people more actively in these kinds of issues. After these activities, we decided to plant trees with my students every year. Doing something good for the world made us very happy. every child = lots of trees

We had planned our activity as a classroom activity first. When all the classes in the school were interested, we decided to involve the whole school in the activity. We planted the saplings we bought from the Ministry of Forestry in our school garden. We will plant more trees next year. I used Life-Terra’s online course and the gynzy website when planning the event. Our environment is poor in terms of forest cover. Our summers are very hot and dry. We started tree planting around the school. I think we have taken a good step for the coming years.
Before the lesson, students are informed about the planting processes of the tree. Students watched videos on the subject. Important details were specified in the tree planting. A pit was dug to plant trees in designated areas. The students planted saplings in the designated areas around the school under the guidance of the teacher. Each tree belongs to a student and is given a name. (They can also give the trees their own names.) The photographs taken and the poems written after the tree planting event are displayed on the school board. Irrigation and maintenance of the planted trees are done by the students.

We got our saplings. We took it to school.
Students dig the ground to plant trees.
Our little pine tree sapling.
Our kindergarten class also planted a small sapling.
Another scientix ambassador in our school, Birsen Aygul BULGURCU, also planted trees with her class.

Our news about the subject on our school website.https://haciahmetzbagiortaokulu.meb.k12.tr/icerikler/orman-haftasi_12799537.html