About Iva Naranđa

I've been teaching Computer Science at Croatian primary school in the North of Croatia since 2003 (II. osnovna škola Čakovec, 2nd Primary School Čakovec). I have always gladly participated in different projects. I am a member of the eTwinning community since 2012 and I participated in many eTwinning projects and other eTwinning activities. With my students I have been participating for years in the Hour of Code, CodeWeek, Bebras and Safer Internet Day. My interests are based on exploring topics dealing with ecology, environmental issues, protection of animals, art and technology.

Technology4Good – micro:bit and SDGs

Iva Naranđa

Implementation: 12 – 26 March 2021

School: 2nd Primary School Čakovec (II. osnovna škola Čakovec), Croatia

Age of students: 12

This activity is organised as a project-like activity in the span of three weeks and it is a part of the eTwinning project Micro circuits for Mega solutions. In a collaboration with partners from Greece, I organised activities in my school that should increase students’ awareness about sustainability and citizenship, including relevant skills that students will need in their life. The main aims were developing problem-solving skills, coding skills (students used MS MakeCode), collaboration and teamwork skills, and developing communication skills in a foreign language (English language). Activities were prepared for the whole class and for smaller groups of students (extracurricular activities). Students participated in activities that included exchanging ideas with peers from other countries on the TwinSpace forum and using the BBC micro:bit for solving real-life problems with technology. In a collaboration with a school robotics group students created a traffic light and a simulation of smart city lights using the micro:bit.

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