Biology & Geology: Levels of Mastery

Authors: Inés Naya & Jenny Lythaby (Colegio Internacional Eirís, A Coruña – Spain)

To engage students during the Covid-19 crisis we created a badge earning system for the remaining part of the term.

This event started on March 13th with the school closure in Spain and will continue until the end of the school year. Continuous improvements were being made to adapt to the changing circumstances of the pandemic.

Activity: students have to earn points and level up their badges until they master the contents of the units by completing different types of quests.

There is a badge for each unit and a final badge certifying their achievement in all units.

How does it work?

The final badges that they can obtain at the end of the event.

There are different levels of mastery in each unit.

The students start as a Candidate and level up as they earn points until they reach the Master level (Maximum level for each unit).

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