Author: Irene Papadopetraki
School: 8th Primary School of Kifissia, Athens
Students: 5th Grade

Implementation: 6 February – 6 March 2020


This STEM activity is one of the various activities of the European eTwinning project  “STEM ON BOARD” between Greece, Turkey,  Lithuania and Republic of Moldova. The project started in September 2019. Above all, it aims to introduce students to computational thinking and therefore will teach how to proceed from conceiving a concept to creating the right algorithm and planning the construction

School Safety with STEM

Our HeRobot!

Firstly, in the past month, the students were involved with activities that had to do with School Safety. Moreover, S Team tried to gather information about school safety in their own school. In the meantime, they constructed their own HeRobot that would be the leader in the School Safety project.  

The making of the HeRobot
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