Genius Engineers of Nature.

I protect Nature with Stem,

This event is the e-Twinning project named I protect nature with stem established by teachers Saliha Candemir- Turkey, Sonata Jonauskine-Lithuania, Meropi Mastori-Greece ,Demet Türkoğlu-Turkey,Tomutase Conder-Romanya,Gülcan Sarıkaya- Ayşin Kahramantekin-Turkey. We implemented the Stem Discovery Week activities by collecting them under 2 main Headings.

Purpose of the project: Our aim is for children to be able to understand the issue of climate change, which is an important and real problem in daily life, and to develop solution-oriented thinking skills by analytical thinking and research.

Student Age: 5

Duration: 30 + 30 + 30 + 20

Event date: April 22 -28, 2021

Real Life Problem:

 Step: 1 Science Integration: Ask what do air conditioners do for us and our world? What do air conditioners do to our world while cooling us down? After the problem, after saying that greenhouse gases prevent the world from breathing by enveloping the world, the video is watched by clicking the link below.


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