Let’s drape our fabrics

Author: Kavita Sanghvi

Have you ever wondered how we select our clothes? Well, most often we step inside a showroom, observe the mannequin, try the particular outfit and voilĂ  it is in our shopping bag if it complements us but have we ever checked the fabric first? Have we ever questioned its physical and chemical properties? How many of us can name all the fabrics around us and list the purpose of its usage? Do we know if it’s chiffon, Georgette, brocade, nylon, silk, Terrycloth, flannel or muslin?

I asked a simple question to my students, “What is material used to make your uniform?” Most of them said cotton but was it only cotton? No, it had polyester in a particular ratio. So, thus began the process of ‘Let’s Drape our fabrics’.

Fabrics we wear
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It’s a regular day in a school with defined timetable where subjects are taught in isolation by different subject teachers. You attend a biology class, a chemistry class or a math class and the content seems disconnected to the students. They are studying the topics, attempt an assessment on the same and eventually forget the learning. How do you show to the students that all the content is integrated?

You brainstorm with your teachers who feel the same. They want learning to be deep and long lasting and ‘STEMAGIC‘ is born inspired by the STEM Discovery Week. An attempt to connect topics with each other through meaningful projects chosen by students. We discuss technology, discoveries around us with the students and ask them to research and create it. In the process, they understand the STEM principles around it and connect it to their regular school curriculum.

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