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I'm a teacher in Gijón, Spain. I teach maths, technology and general sciences.

Event. Plastics: Today and Tomorrow

Dates: from April 5th to April 23rd  

Teacher: Laura Fernandez Alonso 

Description and resources

I started to create this learning scenario the last academic year and during this current period I have continued working on it, including new resources and activities to enrich the unit. Also the fact to work with a different group of students make it more interesting.

The topic is plastics, focused to real life. Students discovered the types of plastic, the real information that appear printed, the Pacific Garbege Patch, the lifecycle of a plastic bottle, the textiles and the relationship between textiles and plastics, the bioplastics and how to make bioplastic at home, the discovered how long an object takes to dissapear by creating a waste timeline or they knew how PET is made by doing a puzzle.

Different resources were used. All material created (we work with worksheets, I prepare them for the students to work) are upload to a onenote site. Some of resources used were: Microsoft One Note, flipgrid, Genially, Microsoft Teams, Mentimeter…

One note screenshot where worksheets are available for students. This is one of the activities inspired by scientix resources.
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Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Resources: https://sites.google.com/view/techcodemadrawing/

Audience: 3º ESO (14-15 years old students)

Subject: technology

Unit: drawing

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We are working together to curb the spread of COVID-19 without curbing learning!

Due to COVID-19, on 13th March classrooms were closed…But learning didn’t stop! This is a learning scenario in which I describe how the unit of drawing is being taught using the online methodology.

All description, material and resources used are included in the blog.

The methodology is based on worksheets. I prepare a worksheet for each day where I carefully describe the content we are going to study and how we are going to work on it.

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STEM Mixer!

Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón (Spain)



In this eBook lots of resources from different sites, including Scientix repository, are included.

Cover of the eBook ‘STEM Mixer’

When my headmaster proposed me to teach bilingual technology in 3rd year of ESO (15 years old), I was wondering … how to make this subject something attractive and useful for students following the established curriculum?

At first it seemed impossible mission but soon I put myself in the position of student and I asked myself what they are asking: “teacher, what is this for?”

And what I came up with…was what I tell you in the book!

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Plastics in daily life: Today and Tomorrow

Author: Laura Fernández Alonso

Subjects: technology and general sciences.

Audience age: 15 years old.

Location: Colegio Corazón de María, Gijón (Spain)


This is a learning scenario about plastics, focused to real life. Students were aware of the amount of plastics they used, where plastics come from and their characteristics. Furthermore, keeping in mind the consequences that plastics have in our future life, they raised their responsability to the enviroment, not only by recycling plastics but also reducing them (the 3R’ s rule).

Finally, they reseached on bioplastics and they made bioplastic in lab from milk!

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