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My name is Lidia Ristea , ICT and Computer Science teacher at the Secondary School I.A. Bassarabescu, Ploiesi city. I work in education for about 23 years. I am Ambassador Scientix and Go-Lab.

The games and the video games programmers

Author: Lidia Ristea

Methodology applied and tools used

In this period of international pandemic CODIV-19, the learning must continue beyond school by using online tools that are accessible to both students and teachers.

On 23 – 24 April 2020, I organized an online learning activity based on online inquiry learning that I put into practice with the 7th-grade students from I. A. Bassarabescu Secondary School, Ploiesti. I presented to my students a lesson plan that I created “Programmers and games” in order to promote the profession of a programmer.

In this online activity, my students discussed about what it means to be a programmer, what knowledge a game programmer should have.

The tools I used: Graasp platform, Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Docs, Eucaplay, Story Jumper.

For learning from home, I used the Graasp platform because it offers a multitude of useful tools in teaching-learning-assessment, and in the lesson plan I incorporated applications, web addresses, virtual labs, where the students could participate in discussions and leave their comments. They could also give mutual feedback, they could see the feedback received and they could connect directly to the Google Classroom and also our video conference using the Zoom application.

Why did I choose Graasp?

Because it has built-in: Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an educational application with an easy-to-use interface, which makes it a very useful digital tool that offers many advantages for online learning:

  • streaming time, a good organization in the structure of lessons and homework
  • effective communication both in class and out of class with students, but also with other teachers
  • ability to post announcements, questions, topics and learning materials for students but also for teachers.
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