Learn Safe online “Together for a better Internet”

Educating our students in the conscious use of the internet allows us to achieve multiple objectives, in line with those required by the new law for civic education, which include sustainable development, environmental protection and enhancement of the territory, the promotion of health, attention to common goods and ways of living that are inclusive and respectful of people’s fundamental rights. To do this, however, it is necessary to know how to integrate the two areas of life (online and offline), especially in a historical moment where the opportunities for socialization and “live” participation have been reduced, leading to a greater risk of experiencing negative feelings such as loneliness and lower life satisfaction.

In fact, the current society is characterized by the spread of media and technologies that determine:

  • unlimited access and immense availability of information;
    • rapid and unstoppable evolution of digital tools;
    • exponential and indiscriminate increase in use;
    • constant and increasing hyperactivity and collaboration between subjects.

In fact, technologies do not consist fundamentally in a tool for the transmission of concepts and theories, but real mediators and co-builders of knowledge.

Only through ethical and responsible use is it possible to build the citizen of the future by enhancing his aptitudes, his personal learning style, and his motivation to achieve the indispensable skills.

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