Food Biochemistry



Lidia Ristea (Informatics and Technology Teacher)


Interdisciplinarity is part of a modern education that aims, at the end of the educational path, an optimal integration of the educated in society, on the labor market and in the family.

A holistic knowledge of the world brings with it a deep understanding of the micro and macrocosm, scientific and moral landmarks, and anadaptability to social and economic conditions.

Diversification of students’ educational field on the lifestyle adopted with a significant impact on their health, through risky behaviors (alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.), eating characteristics, exercise, leisure and stress limitation, behaviors to prevent various diseases – the evaluation of certain types of psycho-social behavior in situational contexts given by the values ​​and attitudes related to health, these influencing the behaviors related to health.

The implementation of this activity aims to inform students about the importance of selecting certain categories of products, in particular juices packaged in plastic bottles which have recently begun to be consumed in much too large quantities, compared to the recommended daily dose, being preferred to water, without taking into account its side effects that will appear after a period of time.

Subject (s)

STEM Subject 1 – Informatics (ICT)

STEM Subject 2 – Chemistry

STEM Subject 3 – Mathematics

Real-life questions

   Is it important to know the chemistry of the elements in frequently consumed products?

    Is it necessary to know the contents listed on the product packaging?

   Do excessive consumption of products containing food additives have any influence on health?

Aims of the lesson

. By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:

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