Maths in the Solar System

Author: Malgorzata Konik in cooperation with Daniele Brioschi


A series of 4 workshops were a part of a 5-day Learning Teaching Training Activity of Erasmus+ project INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS’ STATION held in Poland on 10 -14 February 2020 with the representatives of 4 partner schools from Italy, Poland, Portugal and Romania on 10 – 14 February 2020. The 4 workshops were held in the period of 10 – 12 February.

The whole school week was dedicated to extending the participants’ knowledge of different aspects of the solar system as well as exploring the solar system as a means of teaching various science issues. Thus, among other activities (e.g. visiting science museums, school observatory, radio telescope centre etc.), the series of 4 workshops were organised to explore what the solar system provides us with in the field of Maths.

The first 3 workshops were prepared and carried out by six 16-years-old students of the Portuguese school for their 12-14 years old mates, coming from the other partner schools. The fourth workshop, with an original idea of a teacher from Italy, was prepared by the Polish students and involved all the participants (at different levels) to complete it. During all 4 workshops, the students worked in mixed international groups so that they used English as a means of communication in learning scientific issues.

Workshop 1 – Where are the Planets of the Solar System?

Aim: making a solar system model on a scale to have students practise calculating ratio and converting units of measurements.

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