About mariaeleftheriou

I am Greek teacher in the secondary education level (ages: 12-18). I am a Physicist with a Master and a Phd in Condensed Matter Physics. I am trying to bring real research into the school.

Meet the scientist! Connect project

Dr I. Stathi, biologist of the Natural History Museum of CreteUniversity of Crete, answered the questions of our students about how biodiversity is affected by the climate change. We met the scientist virtually in Model Junior High School of Heraklion (11/3/22). Our school is located in the island of Crete in Greece. The meeting had a duration of 40 minutes with our 22 students. The age of the students is approximately 13 years old.

Connect project

This meeting is within the framework of European project Connect which is a three-year project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 program within the Science with and for the Society (SwafS).


Connect promotes the open-schooling approach, therefore we want to explore the world of biodiversity in our planet and what we must do to protect and preserve it. Our students discussed with the scientist and found the issues that they will explore subsequently. Dr. I. Stathi mentioned many examples of biodiversity in plants and animals. We realize that humans are responsible for the 6th extinction of species. Unfortunately this extinction is accelerating by deforestation, overfishing, overgrazing and many other activities that lead to climate change. The pedagogical value of this kind of meetings is invaluable. Our students ask in real time the professional who is an expert in the field.   

Slide from the presentation of Dr I. Stathi, biodiversity in our world.

Students learned the scientific facts and become aware of the climate change. Consequently environmental education is crucial for our students and for our society. This meeting is a start that lead us to learn how to preserve our nature. Thus students are ready to search what we must do in our island and in general in our country. Additionally, students observed how a scientist is working. Finally Dr. I. Stathi influenced our students and specially many students  who would like to follow the profession of biologist.

Renewable energy sources

We implement this year in High school Limenos Hersonisou of Greece the learning scenario “Renewable energy sources” in the class of science. This learning scenario is designed by us and is implemented by us as well. The scenario is performed under the European program “Connect” that is running with the aim of the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Crete.

We explore how the electric energy is coming into our houses and we realize that electric energy has a big cost, i.e. not only the cost of the energy that we consume but also there is an environmental cost for the Earth. Therefore is crucial for every country to replace electric plants that operate with fossil fuels with renewable energy sources such are photovoltaic systems or wind turbines. Unfortunately, climate change is here and we have to take actions in order to change it.

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CERN’s world!

Author: Maria Eleftheriou

Dr. P. Anastasopoulos, researcher from the University of Wien gave a talk to our school (Experimental Junior High-School of Heraklion) for the elementary particles and the experiments that are being performed in CERN (14/2/2020). Our students (age 12-15) learned from the expert what are the main forces in our universe and what is the basic mission in CERN. Our school has 240 students with a tradition to science clubs. Dr. Anastasopoulos visited also our science club and answered many questions of our students. This event was very important because our students not only learned about the largest accelerator of the world but also were inspired by our visitor. You can see photos from the event here!

Dr. P. Anastasopoulos in our school.
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Star observation in our school! STEM discovery week 2018 in Crete

The Astronomy Team of students of the University of Crete is invited to our school for the STEM Discovery Week. The Lyceum of Tzermiadon is located at the mountains of Crete in the Lassithi Plateau. The event will start at 7pm, Friday 18/5/18. The students of our school will have the opportunity to learn and to observe through telescopes the stars, the basic constellations and the moon. It is a unique moment for us to become inspired! Photos and videos from the event will be placed here.