CERN’s world!

Author: Maria Eleftheriou

Dr. P. Anastasopoulos, researcher from the University of Wien gave a talk to our school (Experimental Junior High-School of Heraklion) for the elementary particles and the experiments that are being performed in CERN (14/2/2020). Our students (age 12-15) learned from the expert what are the main forces in our universe and what is the basic mission in CERN. Our school has 240 students with a tradition to science clubs. Dr. Anastasopoulos visited also our science club and answered many questions of our students. This event was very important because our students not only learned about the largest accelerator of the world but also were inspired by our visitor. You can see photos from the event here!

Dr. P. Anastasopoulos in our school.
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Star observation in our school! STEM discovery week 2018 in Crete

The Astronomy Team of students of the University of Crete is invited to our school for the STEM Discovery Week. The Lyceum of Tzermiadon is located at the mountains of Crete in the Lassithi Plateau. The event will start at 7pm, Friday 18/5/18. The students of our school will have the opportunity to learn and to observe through telescopes the stars, the basic constellations and the moon. It is a unique moment for us to become inspired! Photos and videos from the event will be placed here.