Elementary school “Stanimir Veljkovic Zele” Bojnik.


In the preparation for activities about the STEM Discovery Week 2018, teacher of biology, Milica Pejcic, the Serbian language teacher Sanja Kulic and the chemistry teacher Marija Dikic, decided that a debate about organ donations would be very effective.
We gathered interested students (7th and 8th grade) and we explored this topic with them.

We organised the arrival of large number of teachers, a pediatrician, and through Skype, we spoke with the former pupil of our school, Jelena Martic, who is now a successful pediatrician in Malta and has shared her experiences with us.

After watching educational short films, introductory words by teachers and pediatricians, two groups of students started debating. They went through the moral, sociological, psychological, legal and religious aspects. The debate was followed by a jury that decided whose arguments were stronger.
At the end of the debate, we pointed out the alternative possibilities of obtaining organs in the laboratory using stem cells.

This is a short film, which was made by Milena Vojinovic, about the debate: