About miguelqueiruga

Degree in Physics from the University of Salamanca and doctorate from the University of Burgos in teaching physics. I currently combines my work as a teacher at the Jesús-María school with teaching as an Associate Professor in the area of Experimental Sciences Didactics. Member of the Division of Teaching and Dissemination of Physics of the Royal Spanish Society of Physics. Participating in many European projects such as Erasmus + ATELIER for STE(A)M, Scientix, Europeana, Science on Stage, etc.

Apollo 21 mission and beyond…

Although the idea of the project arose in the previous academic year, it is being shaped now.

Apollo 21 Blogmasters Team: Flavia, Alejandra and Elena

One thing that is very important in the realization of a STE(A)M project are the connections that are made between students, teachers, educational community and external agents (scientists, institutions, companies, industries, etc.).

In the definition and design of a project, I like to draw a general guide that allows the natural growth of the project. Throughout the project new ramifications will arise, new ideas will be added and people will be added as collaborators and partners.

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