I’m Preventing Light Pollution


Light pollution is a global and fast growing type of environmental pollution. This pollution is caused by poorly designed lighting or people’s insensitivity. Because most people do not know about light pollution and the harm it causes to natural life. Many scientific studies show that light pollution negatively affects the health of both humans and wildlife. Our aim in this study is to raise awareness of students about light pollution and to design various parks that will give priority to light pollution with STEM applications. Thus, while my students were gaining awareness about light pollution; They created a design that would reduce light pollution using the fields of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering.


Our STEM activity is planned with primary school students aged 10-11. One of the main goals of this activity is to raise awareness about light pollution. The second is to enable our students to illuminate the parks they have designed according to the STEM activity plan in a way that does not cause light pollution by establishing a simple electrical circuit. They combined their designs and engineering skills with science and mathematics to create a self-confident design.

Good lighting doesn’t just happen. It’s designed.

IALD (International Association of Lighting Designer
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