About Nada Stojičević

Nada Stojičević is a teacher of vocational subjects at Elektrotehnička škola "Nikola Tesla", Pančevo, Serbia. She is a Scientix Ambassador, Next-Lab/Go-Lab Ambassador, Nearpod Pionear / Nearpod Certified Trainer and MIEE.

Coloring the Universe

Have you seen the first ever black hole image?

Have you heard about Katie Bouman, MIT’s student, whose algorithm helped to process Event Horizon Telescope data?

She is one of the numerous researchers and scientists involved in the EHT project from various institutions. Her engagement and success were actually the base for the event organized April 17th during this year’s STEM Discovery Week campaign – Coloring the Universe.

In the class with girls who showed great interest in astronomy (astronomy is not part of the curriculum), Katie Bouman’s story, her engagement and contribution within the EHT project was a good starting point for the realization of teaching activities. Katie was not only a role model but also an inspiration.

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