About nathaliekuborn

After 7 years of backpacking at the university of life to get new perspectives and experience different cultures, I spent 20 years gaining expertise in the communications field in an international environment. As I am passionately interested in education, cognitive sciences and new technologies, I founded a coding lab for kids in Brussels, where my main goals are : • Helping reduce the digital gap by educating kids from the age of 7 upwards. • Improving tech skills for girls by promoting role models and working on specific projects for girls from the age of 7 upwards. • Promoting free & open source solutions for a wider accessibility to educational tools. • Developing a teaching methodology for improving motivation based on principles derived from the cognitive sciences. • Sensitize young people to ethical issues and good digital practices. I am an active, entrepreneurial person, creative, pragmatic and I love to share.

STEM Discovery Week Belgium: 3 in 1 !

Hello to everyone ! My name is Nathalie and I am the founder of a non profit coding lab for kids in Brussels: wearecoders.org

I’ve started this project for my 10-year-old son two years ago. He was a hardcore video-gamer and I wanted him to do something useful out of it, not being only a consumer but to become an true creator of his passion.

So for a year, along with some friends, we provided them every week a two hour class on Scratch to learn the basics of CS thinking, creating their own games : Flappy Bird, Scratch, Mario… and to customize them in a way they would liked it most to play.

It was a real success, kids enjoyed it very much. So since other kids wanted to join, we opened our school.

As for the STEM Discovery Week 2019, the initial idea was to give a conference to bring our project, but also to share our reflections about the tools we use. Because of our deep concern for Big Data issues, we think it’s important to engage some critical thinking about the EdTech tools that are used with children.

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