PE-STE(A)M (Physical Education and STEAM)

Think sketch vector – The visual was provided by the Author – Attribution CC-BY

Recent innovations have been made in the field of education. STEM education has brought to the fore. STEM showed more importance in the life of the individual and society.
In the new education system, the student is in the center, not the teacher.
Nowadays, students should take responsibility for their learning. Students need different skills. This applies to physical education. Students should be familiar with the science in sports branches. Students should be motivated to produce. 4 countries came together. We have 106 students in our project. Our students discovered STEM fields and created projects, took responsibility and learned to express their feelings. They found solutions to problems with their peers in different cities and countries. And they learned to use technology wisely.

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Movement and Nutrition (Physical Education and STE(A)M)

Our lesson is Physical Education, healthy nutrition. According to the data of the World Health Organization, being inactive causes 3 million deaths every year. The data shows that the active exercise rate is around 20-25%. So we need more exercise. So, we still have a chance to return those who are underweight to being obese, exercise is as important as food choices here, so it’s time to act!
Taking action, spending energy is important and necessary for our body. Just like a vehicle, a motor vehicle needs fuel to move. The fuel it receives moves the vehicle. But fuel is used according to the vehicle’s characteristics. It is like this in our body. Oils, carbohydrates, proteins are our fuels. But for these fuels to be burned, motion is needed

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