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Problems encountered at home during the pandemic process and STEM solutions

T he project summary

Being able to be successful in the daily life, education and business life of our students in the 6-7 age group;

It has been determined that they need to improve their experience and skills in order to keep up with the times. Today’s science and technology, the skills that our students should have, the need to develop and change has emerged;

They were asked to find solutions to the problems they encountered, aiming to solve them together.

The pictures are the author’s own – (Attribution CC-BY)


  1. To gain the ability to solve problems related to daily life skills at home
  2. To be sensitive about the safe use of technological tools and equipment
  3. Taking into consideration the interdisciplinary perspective of stem education, activities will be held to transform theoretical knowledge into practice and to gain 21st century skills.
  4. Learn about the importance of discipline and teamwork.

Materials we use at home
Cardboard, scissors, shoelaces, salt, lemon, sugar, crayons, watercolor, flour, eggs.

Time: 2 weeks

Problem Status:
What are the problems we do not go to school and how can we produce solutions according to the problem situation experienced? and making designs according to the problem situation experienced

The pictures are the author’s own – (Attribution CC-BY)
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Life on the Blue Moon – Learning Scenario

This lesson plan deals with the critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity skills of Learning and Innovation Skills. Students get together and plan a Moonbase where they will build new and safe living spaces to live on the Moon. For this, they will watch the video of the best place to live on the Moon. Later, while building our house on the Moon, it should have more than a place to eat and sleep, it is the only building this month, discover its place, customize it, and watch whatever materials are needed, they will build their own home.

Subject Mathematics, Science, stem and science
Topic My learning scenario
– Mathematics – Geometric shapes and length measurements
– Science – Moon structure, properties of the Moon
– Science – Designing three-dimensional houses
Age range of students 7-8 age
Preparation time 90’
Teaching time Mathematics 30’
– Science 30’
– Science and design 30’
Online teaching material Canva: https://canva.com/
– Genially: https://www.genial.ly/
– Padlet: https://it.padlet.com/
– Thinglink: https://www.thinglink.com
– Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/?hl=it&gl=IT
Offline teaching material Interactive whiteboard
Computer and Video Tracker software (http://physlets.org/tracker/ )

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Adaptation of disabled individuals to social life – solution of deep-rooted real-life problems

‘Be Unique to me’ (STEM) project aims to provide solutions, develop designs, scientific thinking skills and design-oriented work with easily accessible materials by associating STEM applications with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while solving the problems that our students encounter in daily life.

Daily life problems are brought together with our students based on a scenario. If you encounter this problem, how would you solve it? This question actually helps students empathize with the story character.

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