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I am a mathematics teacher Curious, creative, constantly learner, guiding, self-assessing, knowing 21st century knowledge and skills, knowing how to use technology as a tool, feeling the concept of global citizenship, guiding students to learn on their own, knowing and analyzing generations well I am an educator who cares about working and is aware that the way to touch the future passes through individuals who are independent of thought, imagination and absorb the concept of values. I love coding, drama, different educational tools.

World Mathematics Day celebrations at our school & Mathematics Unites

People and organizations from all over the world have organized events in their cities.

The theme for the 2022 International Day of Mathematics is Mathematics Unites. The International Day of Mathematics (IDM) is a worldwide celebration.https://www.idm314.org/

We examined with our students how NASA uses the pi number in their work.We prepared activities within the scope of World Mathematics Day celebrations at our school and exhibited them in our pan.


Scientists working at NASA use PI number 3.141592653589793…. for their missions and evaluations related to the International Space Station.

Quiver Education enriches traditional school content by making it more engaging and entertaining. Pi is a number that deals with circles. A two-dimensional circle is like the circle on your paper. A three-dimensional circle is called a sphere. A basketball or soccer ball
is a sphere. Pi is a decimal that is never ending. It goes on forever!


“FIND THE BLUE / TRANSFORM YOUR SCHOOL and CITY” STE(A)M AKTİVİTİES e Twinning project Europe Turkey, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Spain, made in partnership with the Blue School Network. With a Collaborative and Game-Based Learning conducted with students from their countries.It is a structured STE(A)M project.

We detected the problems via poplet.

Our schools are also committed to promoting ocean literacy.Through our project, we are invited to join our students in the effort to promote ocean literacy by taking the ocean to their classes and helping everyone worry wherever they are.European Blue Schools brings the ocean to the classroom. In the journey to become a European Blue School, teachers and students will develop their understanding of the ocean.

By blending the Sustainable criteria of UNESCO with our Ste(a)m studies, we include -Ocean Literacy – in our curriculum studies.

Our 2022 Stem Discovery Week Activities

We designed and exhibited sustainable studies with our students.

We have created nature-friendly solutions to global problems.

Protecting the diversity of life on Earth and ocean health is critical to global human well-being; however, major resources are at risk as a result of unsustainable practices.Global environmental change has profound social and human dimensions.

Our students, who expressed their environmental concerns about ocean pollution, carried out various studies to clean the ocean.


Stem NBS Competition challenge






We see that water resources are not used properly in Turkey and many countries of the world. At the same time, many countries, especially in Southern Europe, face water shortage during the warm summer months and green areas experience irrigation problems. Recovering degraded ecosystems can also benefit from water recovery. Through this course, students will learn about nature-based solutions (NBS) in general and NBS for wastewater treatment in particular. They see that not only will they remove pollutants from rainwater, but also numerous side benefits. Through the project-based learning (PBL) approach, students will prototype storage areas for stormwater harvesting.


Efficient use of rain water, revitalization of vegetation, water management, nature-based solutions, ecosystem, sustainability.

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